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Come Work With Me

(I mean technically it's for me...)

Come Work With Me

Below are details of roles I'm looking to fill on the various projects I am working on. 



Director/Lead Facilitator Wanted


I’m looking for someone to fill the role of what I'm loosely calling director on an upcoming project called “Truthformation”. You will be supporting me, the lead artist, by structuring, directing, facilitating the process, while I retain creative control, helping me to create the best version of the work acting as an outside eye and advocator for best audience experience.


What is “Truthformation”?


Truthformation is a bouffon clown solo show created by me, Jeremy Linnell. It started as a 20 minute scratch performance at The Riverfront as part of their Cultivate program, where it was enthusiastically received. This upcoming R&D will see us explore how that show can grow in to a full length (let’s say 45-60 minute) version of itself. At the end of the r&d we’re gonna show it to some cool and handsome people.


The show’s about conspiracies, what makes them so appealing, why they’re so fun, how they start, how they spread, and how they can be used to manufacture consent of violence towards different groups. Finally it’s about how technology, social structure and certain groups are using them to radicalise people towards far-right beliefs. How none of us are as immune as we might think. In this age of having all the information in the world in our pocket at all times why is finding truth so hard?See? Hysterical already.



I’m Jeremy Linnell, a disabled, neurodiverse artist. Professional idiot and curator of mischief. You can find out more at



Newport – The Riverfront & The Place

You Will

  • Be comfortable working with an easily distracted neurodivergent idiot.

  • Have experience shaping, guiding and supporting a R&D process through to completion.

  • Be comfortable offering creative suggestions and ideas.

  • Be funny.

  • Be good at structuring both an overall process but also individual days while being able to incorporate change. Basically be flexible planner type person.

  • Experience devising particularly solo work would be great, solo comedy even better, solo dark comedy EVEN BESTER.

  • Have a sense of humour like a chocolate covered razorblade or shit sandwich

  • Get £550 a week of lovely British pounds for your trouble over 3 weeks. W/c 14th & 21st August and 4th September.

You Won’t

  • Need to know a thing about bouffon clown, I got you covered there homie.


To Apply

Send a CV and a short (i.e. less than 1 page) cover letter explaining how you fit the above criteria and the show. Don’t be cheeky with small type either. Or you can send a 5 minute video or audio version if that’s easier for you. Any questions get in contact via messenger or, applications to my email, thanks.


I’m REALLY interested in hearing from global majority, neurodiverse, disabled or LGBTQ+ folx for this as the majority of those radicalised are white cis-men, I got that covered, but those targeted by conspiracy are often minorities.






Chwilio am Gyfarwyddwr/Hwylusydd Arweiniol


Rwy'n chwilio am rywun i lenwi rôl yr hyn rwy'n ei alw'n fras yn gyfarwyddwr ar brosiect sydd ar ddod o'r enw “Truthformation”. Byddwch yn fy nghefnogi i, y prif artist, drwy strwythuro, cyfarwyddo, hwyluso'r broses, tra byddaf yn cadw rheolaeth greadigol, gan fy helpu i greu'r fersiwn orau o'r gwaith gan weithredu fel llygad allanol ac eiriolwr ar gyfer y profiad gorau o'r gynulleidfa.


Beth yw “Truthformation”?


Sioe unigol clown bouffon yw Truthformation a grëwyd gennyf i, Jeremy Linnell. Dechreuodd fel perfformiad ‘scratch’ 20 munud yn theatr Glan yr Afon fel rhan o'u rhaglen Cultivate, lle y cafodd ei dderbyn yn frwdfrydig. Bydd yr ymchwil a datblygu hwn sydd ar ddod yn ein gweld yn archwilio sut y gall y sioe honno dyfu i mewn i fersiwn hyd llawn (tua 45-60 munud) ohono'i hun. Ar ddiwedd yr ymchwil a datblygu rydyn ni'n mynd i'w ddangos i rai pobl cŵl a golygus.


Mae'r sioe yn ymwneud â chynllwynion, beth sy'n eu gwneud mor apelgar, pam eu bod mor hwyl, sut maen nhw'n dechrau, sut maen nhw'n lledaenu, a sut y gellir eu defnyddio i gynhyrchu caniatâd trais tuag at wahanol grwpiau. Yn olaf, mae'n ymwneud â sut mae technoleg, strwythur cymdeithasol a rhai grwpiau yn eu defnyddio i radicaleiddio pobl tuag at gredoau adain dde eithaf. Sut nad oes yr un ohonom mor ddiogel ag y gallem feddwl. Yn yr oes hon o gael yr holl wybodaeth yn y byd yn ein poced bob amser pam mae dod o hyd i wirionedd mor anodd? Chi’n gweld? Hysterig yn barod.



Jeremy Linnell ydw i, artist anabl, niwrowahanol. Twpsyn proffesiynol a churadur direidi. Gallwch ddarganfod mwy yn


Casnewydd - The Riverfront & The Place


Byddwch chi

  • Yn gyffyrddus yn gweithio gyda thwpsyn niwrowahanol sy’n hawdd i dynnu ei sylw.

  • Yn meddu ar brofiad o siapio, arwain a chefnogi proses Ymchwil a Datblygu hyd at ei chwblhau.

  • Yn gyfforddus yn cynnig awgrymiadau a syniadau creadigol.

  • Yn ddoniol.

  • Yn dda am strwythuro proses gyffredinol ond hefyd diwrnodau unigol wrth allu ymgorffori newid. Yn fath o berson sy’n hoffi cynllunio ac yn hyblyg.

  • Byddai profiad o ddyfeisio gwaith unigol yn arbennig yn wych, comedi unigol hyd yn oed yn well, comedi tywyll unigol yn WELL FYTH.

  • Meddu ar synnwyr digrifwch fel llafn rasel wedi'i orchuddio â siocled neu frechdan gachu

  • Gallwch gael £550 yr wythnos o bunnoedd Prydeinig hyfryd am eich trafferth dros 3 wythnos. Wythnos yn dechrau 14 a 21 Awst a 4 Medi.


Ni fyddwch

  • Angen gwybod dim am glown bouffon, fe wna i ofalu am hynny.


I wneud cais

Anfonwch CV a llythyr eglurhaol byr (h.y. llai nag 1 dudalen) yn esbonio sut rydych chi'n cyd-fynd â'r meini prawf uchod a'r sioe. Peidiwch â bod yn ddigywilydd gydag ysgrifen fach chwaith. Neu gallwch anfon fideo neu fersiwn sain 5 munud os yw hynny'n haws gennych chi. Os oes gennych unrhyw gwestiynau cysylltwch drwy messenger neu, anfonwch geisiadau at fy e-bost, diolch.


Mae gen i ddiddordeb MAWR mewn clywed gan bobl mwyafrif byd-eang, niwrowahanol, anabl neu LHDTC+ ar gyfer hyn gan fod mwyafrif y rhai sy'n cael eu radicaleiddio yn ddynion cis gwyn, ond mae'r rhai sy'n cael eu targedu gan gynllwyn yn aml yn lleiafrifoedd.


DYDDIAD CAU: 28 Gorffennaf

CYFWELIADAU: Wythnos yn dechrau 31 Gorffennaf



Hey you, yes YOU reading this. Are you perhaps an early years artist, director, maker or otherwise creative theatrey person? Have you ever NOT gotten a job and been told you can sit in on rehearsals as a consolation prize? Which is great if you can afford time off work, while also encouraging you to sit there and not ask questions while being grateful for simply being in the room. An opportunity you can really only make use of if you’re affluent and confident enough.


As part of the TRUTHFORMATION! r&d I’m offering 1 weeks wage (£500) for someone like you to be involved in the process. There will be ZERO expectations placed upon you. Ask questions, offer ideas, be as involved in the process as you’re comfortable with, all the the knowledge that I’ll make you feel as welcome as I possibly can.

The money is so YOU can learn about what goes in to r&ding a piece of bouffon clown theatre which means you can tailor the experience to however you like. The money is also because I want to place value on your time, learning and professional development.

It’s the type of thing I wish existed more so that’s why I’m doing it.

You don’t have to be interested in bouffon specifically, maybe you’re interested in solo work, in comedy, in directing or how to run an r&d or even just interested in me (you charmer, you).

If we're devising you might be involved in that conversation, or if we're researching you might have unique knowledge or ideas, perhaps you’ll shadow me writing (not recommended I’m quite boring to watch type) maybe you want to spend some time on the days we focus on movement? It’s up to you!

To apply simply send a 1 page cover letter or 5 minute video / audio explaining why you’re interested in this, why it might benefit you and a little about yourself both as an artist and as a person. I’m really interested in hearing from people who’ve faced barriers to accessing opportunities in the industry and if you think that means you it does. Self diagnosis is valid. If you want to tell me how then do but PLEASE don’t feel the need to re-experience your trauma just to get this opportunity.

Applications very welcome from: LGBTQ+, global majority, neurodiverse, disability, other minorities or marginalised groups I’ve forgotten because I’m a dumbass.

And if you don’t get it feel free to come sit in on rehearsals.

Any questions drop me a line on messenger, on my website chat ( or my email Applications to my email.


Project dates: Weeks:14th &21st August, 4th September, your week is flexible within this to suit you.

Location: Newport - The Riverfront & The Place


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