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DPWDT Reviews & Social Media Impressions

"FACT! Jeremy Linnell is one of the most exciting and innovative contemporary artists in Wales." - Get The Chance, 3rd November 2022


“Stunningly original ….Impressed with the incredible mix of horror. humour gore and bad taste” -

Funny fucked-up and fun

Gloriously gruesome

If you think you're ready for it, think again

Normal escape rooms can't compare to this brilliant creation


Jigsaws wet dream


I bloody loved it! Totally my bag. Congratulations.


Disgusting and gruesome. Just the way I like it.

It's freakin awesome!! Make sure you book now!

All I can say is get booking. Get scared. Get out.

The mix of horror and humour was absolutely spot on.

My only criticism is that the tickets were too cheap!

Well, that was a tour de force! Very clever and very entertaining.

Brilliant, funny, deadly...disturbing and Shakesperian!

Wow loved it laughed all the way absolutely hilarious

I think I need to sit in a dark room and think about what I've done


Just the kind of sick-silly twisted stuff that made me laugh a lot. And also brilliant!


Fantastic fun! Watched in the audience but now wish I'd played


Fantastic! As a 80's/Horror/Escape Room fan...I can say that #DPWDT22 #getdeadordietryin ticks all the boxes. I only wish I had signed up to be a player. I spent the whole time shouting at the screen. 10/10


Don't play with dead things is a fun and original, live action video game. Being in control of the 'husk' led to hilarious and unexpected consequences. Although the team didn't win, it was still a thoroughly enjoyable and thrilling experience. The host makes himself known throughout the game and stamps his authority on the players very much putting you in his world - where you do play with dead things. It's 5 stars from me! And the soundtrack was brilliant, driving the 80s synth horror atmosphere

Absolutely brilliant!! ❤

This was such fun, I loved every minute. Funny, twisted, clever and thoroughly entertaining to watch! 😃 The effects and clues were fab and I loved the abusive narrator popping up 🤣👌

I was slightly apprehensive as I'm ND and don't interact with people very well. I worried it might all be a bit overwhelming trying to process what was going on but the comfort and feeling of safety being at home made things easy to manage to the point where I was actually shouting instructions to the players occasionally if I thought they'd missed something 🤣 I wasn't expecting that to happen to me lol...bonus!!

If this show comes around again I will definitely try to get together a team of people I know and actually be a player. My neurosurgeon removed my filters though so will try hard not to abuse the narrator back 😈 🤣

Well done to everyone who was involved, best night in I've had for a long time! 😃 ❤

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"Better than Eastenders !"

"The flipping between horror and comedy kept me on edge. I loved it!"

"Charming, anarchic...infused with a surreal humour"

"Wow! An amazing tangle of emotions from hilarious to disturbing!


“I laughed then felt guilty for laughing. I must have a sick sense of humour.”

"An excellent balance between comedy and creepy."

"Quite brilliant…This is exactly what a fringe theatre festival should be about!”

"like being on ketamine"

"My face hurts from laughing...thanks"

"Well worth the £9"

"A weird cocktail of 1 part crazy, 6 parts experimental, 2 parts charming and 3 parts deceptively subtextual. Still processing wtf it’s about but fully enjoyed it"

“(They) do a fun commanding job immersing us all in their world!”

“They should just run the Fringe all year long for more glimpses of greatness like this!”

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